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flexible colourful containers

RainbowTrug® Colours

RainbowTrugs® are available in a range of fantastic colours, suitable for home, garden, leisure, D.I.Y and anything else you can think of.

Black RainbowTrug®

Black RainbowTrug«

Pistachio Sorbet RainbowTrug®

Pistachio Sorbet RainbowTrug«

Mediterranean Blue RainbowTrug®

Mediterranean Blue RainbowTrug«

Sapphire Blue RainbowTrug®

Sapphire Blue RainbowTrug«

Meadow Green RainbowTrug®

Meadow Green RainbowTrug«

Holly Green RainbowTrug®

Holly Green RainbowTrug«

Cherry Blossom Pink RainbowTrug®

Cherry Blossom Pink RainbowTrug«

Duck Egg Blue RainbowTrug®

Duck Egg Blue RainbowTrug«

Purple Velvet RainbowTrug®

Purple Velvet RainbowTrug«

Buttercup Yellow RainbowTrug®

Buttercup Yellow RainbowTrug«

Poppy Red RainbowTrug®

Poppy Red RainbowTrug«

Orange Zest RainbowTrug®

Orange Zest RainbowTrug«

Snowdrop White RainbowTrug®

Snowdrop White RainbowTrug«

Raspberry Pink RainbowTrug®

Raspberry Pink RainbowTrug«

Platinum Grey RainbowTrug®

Platinum Grey RainbowTrug«

Vanilla Rainbow Trug®

Vanilla Rainbow Trug«

Chocolate Rainbow Trug®

Chocolate Rainbow Trug«

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Rainbow Trugs - British manufacturer of flexible trugs and accessories. Not just made to look prettyÖ

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